Volvos Through the Gorge - Volvo Car Cruise

It has been quite some time since we have been able to get together. During this unfortunate time everyone has been doing their best to navigate through unforeseen challenges. That’s why three prolific members of the Volvo community figured it would be best to partner up and host a car show before summer ends. IPD, Vol-Tech, and DLR Nordic got together and organized a car meet followed up by a drive through the majestic Columbia River Gorge ending up at Murphy’s Family Watering Hole in Bingen Washington. We hope you’ll join us for lunch. This is purely a gathering of enthusiasts looking to have some fun and chat about their Volvo. We look forward to seeing you September 25th!

SATURDAY 25th 8:30am


We will meet at IPD Volvo at 8:30am. If the main lot gets full we will start parking cars along Ainsworth Circle right outside of IPD’s driveway. For those who want to go for a drive through the Columbia River Gorge, we will leave IPD at 10AM. The caravan will hit I-205 North and then head out HWY 14 East to Bingen Washington (directly across from Hood River) For those of you joining us for lunch at Murphy’s Family Watering Hole you will receive a $5.00 off coupon.

Note***** IPD, DLR Nordic, and Vol-tech are not responsible for any incidents or accidents that may occur during this drive event. Everyone who attends will be driving and participating at their own risk.
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  • PNW Chit Chat

    Here we are. Maybe a quick roll call?
    Adam (Seattle)
    1999 V70XC (slightly lifted)
    2000 V70R (lowered, wrap, big brakes, iPd tune, custom axle back exhaust, 18” VSTs)
    1966 Amazon (ish)
    2005 C30
    2010 S80 T6

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    Blake (Gig Harbor)
    1997 850GLT wagon maroon (ipd tcv, ipd hd trans torque mount, upper poly mount, ipd drop in air filter )
    1996 850R sedan white ( rebuilt head and stock turbo, ipd msd coil, ipd intake, ipd hd trans torque mount, stage 0 tune up all silicone everything) honestly I have replaced almost everything on the car. It was in rough shape mechanically when I bought it.
    hopefully a 2005 C30 T-5 r-design in the next few weeks. We will see


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      Jeff (Oahu)
      2005 V50 T5 K-016 turbo package with tune.


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        How’s the Volvo scene over in Hawaii ?


        • Jeff Kepeli
          Jeff Kepeli commented
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          People love their Volvo's here in Hawaii / Not much action for performance scene / I do not follow car clubs.
          I bought my first Volvo in 2005. I have owned 3 Volvos over the past 16 years Great driving cars and easy to work on.
          The V50 is my second car for performance upgrades / The K016 kit was purchased and took about 8 hours to install.
          I did not know a 2.5 liter engine could develop so much power.. 260 KW with no lag from turbo ..
          No tickets as of today / No places to really open the vehicle up to feel the performance
          I live on an island with the world's worst roads / natural speed bumps...

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        Dan B (Portland, OR)
        1984 244DL off-road sedan, lifted, added turbo, M46 swap (looking for a complete WC T5 swap), built for Gambler 500 events and shenanigans
        We found this on a farm out in North Plains, OR where it had been sitting for over 3 years and bought it for only $1. Towed it to the garage, installed new spark plugs and a new battery and it started right up but needed lots of work.


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          Stephen, Vancouver WA

          1959 PV544 that I'm in the process of restoring with the intent of becoming my daily driver. At some point a previous owner swapped the engine for a B18D and upgraded to a 12 volt system

          Enjoying my Neverending Project thus far


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            I love how the PNW section of this forum is like the most active of every region of the U.S.


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              Originally posted by Swedespeed96 View Post
              How’s the Volvo scene over in Hawaii ?
              Now you're talking deeeep PNW


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                Originally posted by Magnum ABG View Post
                Dan B (Portland, OR)
                1984 244DL off-road sedan, lifted
                Just getting into lifted Volvos myself (although mine's a p80)


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                  New forum, who dis?
                  Beaverton, OR
                  Some POS old 242.


                  • hathos
                    hathos commented
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                    Hi, harlard! <333!

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                  Tyson in central OR
                  2004 V70 R
                  1999 Honda CR-V
                  2000 Nissan Xterra
                  1992 Jeep Cherokee (affectionately known as "Cher")


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                    Jake, Seattle.

                    05 V70R
                    04 XC90
                    68 142

                    miss the old days of the monthly meets


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                      Chris (Van WA)
                      2006 S60R m66

                      1st Volvo.
                      Vancouver WA
                      2006 S60R M66


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                        Paul (Portland, OR)
                        95' 940 NA Wagon (grampa mobile commuter)
                        99' V70 GLT Wagon

                        You might say, I like wagons.
                        Customer Service guy | [email protected] | 800-444-6473 ext. 181


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                          Chris H. (Seattle, WA)(Ballard specifically)
                          11' C30 R-Design
                          Always looking for a second C30.